Windows 10 Mobile build 10572: Cortana can now fetch you a ride with Uber



Microsoft has rolled out Windows 10 Mobile build 10572, and with it comes new Cortana improvements. In this new build, Cortana can help keep track of your leisure time — specifically with movie and event reminders. Cortana can also book and track an Uber ride directly from your smartphone for those times where you really need a ride.
“With this improvement, you can book an Uber any time you want by saying ‘Book an Uber’ and Cortana will get you a ride immediately. You can even take an Uber to the airport, simply say ‘Book an Uber to SeaTac airport,’ or any other airport recognized by Bing that allows Uber, and have Cortana book you a ride to Seattle-Tacoma airport, JFK, ATL or wherever your travels take you,” Microsoft explained in an official blog post.
Several Windows 10 (desktop and mobile) users found the option to connect to Uber’s services via Cortana, but the feature did not work at the time. Uber is a popular US-based car-hauling service company that develops the mobile app Uber, allowing users to request a trip from Uber drivers with personal cars. The Uber app is available on the Windows Phone Store.

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