Windows 10 Microsoft Store app picks up more acrylic Fluent Design in latest Insiders update

Arif Bacchus

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The Fluent Design system is obviously the next big thing for Microsoft, and the company is working hard to spread it to core areas of Windows 10. In the footsteps of a Store update on Windows 10 Mobile, the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 PC for Windows Insiders also picked up some more Fluent Design acrylic looks.

On both a Fast Ring and Release Preview Ring PC, we’re seeing the changes via a version 11710.1001.13.0 update. New in this version is some more visible acrylic effect on app pages, specifically in the area where the title and developer information is listed. This change allows for the user to see through to the background image on the app page, or an app video if supported. Other changes are listed below.

  • There is now an option to turn off video autoplay in the settings
  • There is a new status message in the download and updates section to show you when you’ve updated all your apps and no updates are available
  • Review stars have been moved from under the developer name to next to the developer name

These changes are only being rolled out to Windows Insiders for now, but given how things have gone in the past, they may be coming to the desktops of standard Windows users soon. Do you think the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 needs more elements of Fluent Design? We invite you to check the store now for this update, and urge you to drop us a comment below with your thoughts!