Windows 10 market share climbs to nearly 13%

Vu Anh Nguyen

Windows 10 is inching slowly but surely towards Microsoft’s billion device goals, confirmed by the newest operating system statistics from analytics firm NetMarketShare for February 2016.

According to the stats, Windows 10 continues a consistent monthly share gain of nearly 1%, to 12.82% in February from 11.85% in January, and 9.96% in December last year. This is certainly good news for Microsoft, who went so far as to make the update free for Windows 7 and 8.1 to drive adoption. Positive reaction in the enterprise sector means the company should also not have to worry about getting a large number of users in the future. The goal is one billion devices running Windows, and it seems there has not been a back-step for Microsoft in reaching it.

Courtesy of NetMarketShare.

Elsewhere, Windows XP persistently keeps it 11.24% market share from last month – which was a surprise increase compare to December last year – despite the security risks it now creates due to a lack of official support. Windows 7 is also staying mostly constant at 52.34%; even with the free update offer, Microsoft may still have a long road ahead in converting these users.