Windows 10: ‘Lumia Camera’ Windows Phone app now runs on the desktop; more apps to follow?

Zac Bowden

Windows camera

The recent leak of Windows 10 saw a number of Windows Phone apps displayed within the Windows Store. This led to the suspicion that Windows Phone apps would eventually launch on the desktop within Windows 10. Well, build 9901 actually comes with a Windows Phone app pre-installed, and that’s the Camera Beta app.

Upon launching the app, you’ll notice it has a very similar UI to the Lumia Camera app on Windows Phone. In a matter of fact, this is that exact app, running on the desktop. It refers to itself as the Lumia Camera app, and has all the options which you can find within the Lumia Camera app on Windows Phone.

Lumia Camera

This looks like the first of many Universal Apps running on the desktop, which is definitely a good thing. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more Windows Phone apps arriving on Windows 10 in the new year, but in the meantime, what Windows Phone app are you most looking forward to using on the desktop? Leave your comments below!

Windows 10

Windows 10