Windows 10 Insiders completed over 108,000 quests in latest bug bash

Laurent Giret

Windows 10 Insider bug bash

Earlier this month, the Windows Insider team ran the second Bug Bash for the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, inviting all Windows Insiders to help find and fix as many bugs as possible. Anita George, leader of the two Bug Bashes just published a blog post to announce that the last event saw huge participation from Windows Insiders.

“For this most recent Bug Bash, Windows Insiders completed approximately 108,900 Quests and submitted or upvoted an astounding 115,100 feedback items,” shared George. As you can guess, running such global events at this scale is quite a complex process, which is why Microsoft created a “Bug Bash Crew” which brings together employees working on the Windows Insider Program, Surface, Xbox, HoloLens and more. “These people are responsible for external Bug Bash prep like driving Quest creation, setting up webcasts, monitoring data, designing the Bug Bash badge, and sending out surveys,” explained George.

Bug Bash Crew
The Bug Bash Crew.

This time, Microsoft also held an internal event to find better ways to generate some specifics bugs, such as those caused by connectivity issues. George explained:

For the February Bug Bash, we tried something much different inspired by all the work we’ve done in emerging economies in Africa and other parts of the world. We set up a limited connectivity network in one of our campus buildings to simulate what many people in the world experience when trying to use technology over the internet. We called it Nigeria Day, hosted by Dona Sarkar, and we had good African food and music as people tried running Quests with low connectivity.

Bug Bash Nigeria Day
Participants in Nigeria Day.

George also shared some details about Windows Insider activity during the Bug Bash:

  • The most completed Quest was the one for our new Nightlight feature
  • The Apps and Games category was the one which received the most feedback items from Insiders
  • Outside of the US, Germany was the country where Windows Insiders provided the most feedback, followed closely by India

We invite you to read the full blog post to learn more about the Bug Bash process. Also, we believe there should be a new Windows 10 Insider build will be released later today!