Windows 10 Insider build 15055 for PC and mobile released, just in time for some weekend testing

Kip Kniskern

Windows 10 Creators Update

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After some fits and starts, Microsoft has released the latest Windows 10 Insider build for the Fast Ring, build 15055. The build follows a similar mobile release, 15051, which was released on Wednesday afternoon (Redmond time). As usual, Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar tweeted out a “hint” to the new build with a cleverly hidden build number.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is just about set for release, expected to officially launch sometime this month or in early April (an announcement may well come earlier, with actual release of the 3rd major update to Windows 10 becoming available gradually as it rolls out around the world).

Anyway, fire up your test machines and get to downloading, we’ll have all the details coming right up!

(update): the new build is for PC and mobile both, go figure. Anyway, get to downloading!