Windows 10: Here's how Microsoft is dealing with Internet Explorer

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

Internet Explorer 11, as we all know, will not be the default browser in Windows 10. Over the last few weeks there has been a large amount of confusion regarding the future of IE11. Today, the company has finally outlined how they are planning to deal with IE11 in Windows 10.

According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer 11 will by default, be unpinned from the taskbar and Start Menu, and will be buried under the Windows Accessories folder. It will not be turned off or disabled, meaning if the user wishes, they’ll be able to launch Internet Explorer pretty easily.

Internet Explorer will be taking somewhat of a backseat in Windows 10, remaining simply for legacy reasons. Microsoft’s plan with Windows 10 and Project Spartan is to have the new web browser be the browser for consumers. Internet Explorer will be there for Enterprises and those who need it for backwards compatibility.

Regarding updates, Internet Explorer will continue to receive security updates and high priority updates, which is to be expected. Other than that, the company is planning to focus entirely on Spartan, which pretty much means Internet Explorer will not be seeing an IE12.

Microsoft is fast approaching BUILD later this month, in which the company is expected to demo a ‘feature-complete’ build of Windows 10. RTM is expected sometime in June, so it’s definitely crunch time for the team at Redmond.