Windows 10 Game bar can now display the battery level of your Xbox One controller

Laurent Giret

Microsoft is making its Windows 10 Game Bar more useful for PC Gamers playing games with an Xbox One controller. Indeed, the updated Game Bar can now show you how much battery you have left in your Xbox One controller, just like it works on the console. This will work when you connect the Xbox One controller to your PC wirelessly, either via Bluetooth or Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Adapter.

The Windows 10 Game Bar is accessible by pressing the Xbox button or Win+G, but it’s also available in the Windows 10 Start Menu on Windows 10 version 1809. The app will appear as an overlay when you’re playing a game, giving you quick access to audio settings, Game DVR features, and Mixer streaming, complete with this new Xbox controller battery life indicator.

Because the Game Bar is updated through the Microsoft Store, the company doesn’t have to wait for major Windows 10 updates to introduce new features. Make sure to download the latest version today, and we’ve added a link to the Microsoft Store app below if you need quick access to it.

Game Bar
Game Bar
Developer: Microsoft Windows
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