Windows 10 Fitbit app finally bringing device notifications with Creators Update

Kareem Anderson

fitbitFitbit app on Windows Phone

GATT enabled notifications have been a pain point for Windows phone users for a long while. When Fitbit began Windows support back in Windows 8 and 8.1, the developing team did so hamstrung by Windows inability to properly parse GATT powered notifications at the time. Without supporting the Generic Attributes version of Bluetooth that push Fitbit notifications back and forth from tracker to phone, Windows phone users lost out on half the devices abilities, which included Call, SMS, Calendar, third party apps and Connected GPS notifications.

Fortunately, Fitbit and the Windows team have been working together to correct the issue and the first signs of their labor are coming with the Creators Update to Windows 10 Mobile.

We’re excited to announce that Fitbit will be introducing support for tracker notifications (Call, SMS, Calendar and third party apps) and Connected GPS for all Windows users on the Windows 10 Creators Update coming in April.

Tracker notifications have continually been the most requested feature from Windows users, and now that Windows supports GATT Server we are finally able to deliver this to you.

While GATT Server won’t be available for a few more months on the production version of Windows, Microsoft has now introduced this functionality into Windows Insiders builds of the Creators Update as of the 12th of January (Build 15007).

The private beta for GATT testing has been going for a couple of months but it seems Fitbit developers are ready to open testing to a large pool of public beta participants. The details are as followed:

Beta is Live!

The beta is now live. If you provided a valid email address, you should soon receive an update to the Fitbit app that includes support for notifications. It should become available in the next couple hours.

Fitbit App Build: 2.19.983.0

Windows OS Build: 15055

Please make sure you are on the very latest Windows Insider Fast build! If check the app and do not have the version listed above, you are not on the beta build.

Known Issues

There are known stability issues at this time. We are not seeing the stable performance on current insider builds that we are seeing on internal builds from Microsoft. We’re investigating potential improvements we can make in the app, and also hoping that Insider build updates could resolve some of these issues.

Soon, Windows phone users will have the Fitbit experience afforded to iOS and Android users for the past five plus years. To get started testing GATT Bluetooth support, visit the Fitbit community page. On the community page, beta testers will find instructions on how to set up, sync and provide feedback on the new support.

Please let us know what your experiences have been before and after GATT support.