Windows 10 feedback: Insiders want to pin the Recycle bin to the taskbar

Joseph Finney

Windows 10 feedback: Let me pin the Recycle bin to the taskbar

Design by committee typically refers to Frankenstein style of creating products, where a little of everything gets added and mixed together in the final product. With Windows 10, Microsoft has a design committee of around four million Windows Insiders suggesting tweaks and feature additions some of which are added and some are not acknowledged. Features like a tabbed File Explorer and adding the Recycle Bin to the taskbar have garnered lots of votes but no response from Microsoft.

Insiders on the Windows Uservoice page have suggested Microsoft put the Recycle Bin on the taskbar to speed up file deletion. The suggestion by famous American actor James Dean (not the actual James Dean) reads:

“Place the Recycle Bin on to the taskbar. Don’t just leave it there on the desktop to look ugly. Bring it to life. Place it on the taskbar and let us drag stuff we want to bin straight into it on the taskbar. It’s so much quicker than going to the desktop or, right clicking and deleting it. This would save so much time and really look nice and be great for windows users who want to save time!”

Adding the Recycle Bin to the taskbar would be inline with how Microsoft has been designing Windows 10 which revolves around user choice and majority rules. Ultimately it cannot hurt to add the option for the Recycle Bin to live on the taskbar if some users want that. Mac OSX includes a Trash Can on their dock making it obvious how users can delete files. Enabling users to delete files by dragging them to the taskbar would also work with the philosophy of letting users accomplish the same task in different ways. Personally it would seem pressing the delete key would be the fastest way to delete any file, but since Windows supports touch as a first class citizen maybe a Recycle Bin would make deleting files with touch easier.

Let us know what you think about this suggestion in the comments below, and follow the link to the Uservoice page if you want to add your vote to the now 14 thousand votes for this feature.