Windows 10 Creators Update SDK is feature complete, says Microsoft

Arif Bacchus

Windows 10 Creators Update

Today marks Windows Developer Day, an event where Microsoft is showing developers what the what the Windows 10 Creators Update has in store for apps, games, and more. While the agenda for the day is packed full of informative sessions, Microsoft started the event with a bang and announced in the live stream that the Windows 10 Creators Update SDK is feature complete.

If you’re not familiar with developer jargon, the Windows 10 Creators Update SDK is somewhat different from standard Windows 10, since it provides the latest headers, libraries, metadata and tools for developers to build their Windows 10 apps. For consumers, and Windows Insiders, this news also likely means that the Creators Update is likely feature locked, since developers will no longer be able to test out developing apps and programa for any new Windows 10 features.

Reports have indicated that the Creators Update will launch in April, so we might hear more from Microsoft about a fully featured locked consumer version of Windows 10 soon. Until then, developers can head to this page to download the latest Windows 10 Creators Update SDK.  Keep it tuned to OnMSFT, as we will be following Developer Day closely and will bring you all your Windows 10 news and information.