Windows 10 build 14926 causing SIM card, PIN problems for some Windows phones

Mark Coppock

WIndows 10 Mobile Windows Insider Build 10586.71

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Being a Windows Insider can be a fun and satisfying experience, as participants gain access to the newest Windows 10 bits before anyone else. As with all beta programs, however, being an Insider carries some risks, not the least of which is rendering a device unresponsive following the installation of a new build.

Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14926 has brought just this scenario to some Windows 10 Mobile devices. As Windowsreport indicates, a number of Windows phone users are experiencing errors erroneously reporting that no SIM is installed, and PINs cannot be entered thus rendering the devices inaccessible.

Phone reports no sim, keyboard does not appear on text entry and Wi-Fi connects only when selected from list of available connections. No Wi-Fi symbol appears despite connection working after selection. Phone also appears to reboot from time to time with no messages.

Microsoft is aware of the issue, and they’ve requested some assistance in identifying the issue at the relevant Microsoft Answers community:

Hello Insiders,

With the release of build 14926 today, a handful of users have reported seeing a “No SIM” message on their device after completing the install.

As this is not a scenario that was hit internally, we’d like your assistance in tracking this down.

If you’re experiencing this issue, please post the following:

  • Device make and model
  • Country
  • Mobile Operator name

Also, please check in the Feedback Hub and +1 a submission for this issue.  If you do, please share a link to that feedback item so we can review.

Thank you as always,

According to the resulting thread, completely hard-resetting a device might resolve the issue. That might very well be the only option if you’re suffering from the PIN error, as you won’t be able to access the settings app to install the next build.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of these and other Windows Insider issues. Let us know in the comments if you’re suffering from either of these problems with build 14926.