Windows 10 build 10558 now lets you save apps to a different drive



Back in July, we learned that Microsoft had postponed the ability to install apps onto an SD card for those of you on Windows 10 for desktop. Windows 10 Mobile, on the other hand, was unaffected. Microsoft stated that they did not feel like it was “ready for prime time” so the feature was postponed to a “later release.” Looks like that time is now.
Windows 10 build 10558 was leaked onto the internet today and with it comes the ability to install apps on a different drive, as opposed to the default C drive.
Currently, in Windows 10 build 10547 (the latest build available via the Windows Insider program), the option to install apps anywhere other than “This PC (C)” is greyed out. In Windows 10 build 10558, this option is enabled.

Windows 10 build 10558

Microsoft is holding a Windows 10 Devices event on Tuesday, October 6th, and we expect a new build of Windows 10 shortly thereafter. Stay tuned, next week is set to be exciting! Don’t forget to bookmark our #Windows10Devices event page here.