Windows 10 build 10056: Cortana has a Shazam-like 'find song' feature


Windows 10 build 10056: Cortana now has a Shazam-like 'find song' feature

Let’s face it, sometimes a catchy song plays on the radio and you wish you knew more about it. Thanks to Shazam, and other services, you can easily identify the song with just a click of a button. Now this functionality will be on Windows 10.

Considering Windows 10 will be on phones, tablets, and PCs, it makes sense to have this feature within Cortana. While on the go with your Windows 10 tablet, a song comes on the radio, and you want to know who plays it.

Simply fire up Cortana from your taskbar, and hit the settings button (hamburger icon) on the top-left and select “Find Song.” Cortana will now identify the song and give you information about it. Cool, right? No need for a third-party app like Shazam anymore.

Don’t know how to use Cortana on Windows 10? No sweat, Cortana has a “Help” option. You can learn how to add an appointment to your calendar, create a note, set an alarm, play music, and much more.

Windows 10 is definitely shaping up to be a useful operating system by bringing together many of Microsoft’s services. Stay tuned for more Windows 10 coverage!