Windows 10 build 10036 has leaked onto the internet

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

It’s been over two months since Microsoft released the last Windows 10 build, so I know many Windows Insiders are going to be happy to hear that build 10036 has leaked onto the internet today. We must warn you however, this build is particularly buggy, so keep that in mind. As per usual, we’ve got a hands on video which is available for viewing below.

The leak is available in both Pro and Enterprise variants, however I believe the Enterprise leak is a modified ISO. The Pro leak is an untouched ISO, so I suggest you go with that if you plan on downloading this leak. As per usual, we will not be linking directly to the leak, and we ask our readers to not link in the comments section either.

Microsoft was originally planning to ship build 10036 out officially this week, however due to a bug with the Start Menu, that never happened. You can replicate the bug by opening and then closing the Windows Accessories folder in the Start Menu, a far more widespread bug is with the Mail, Calendar and People apps not opening, not the Windows Accessories bug which only a few people have been experiencing.