Windows 10 boasts 1.5 million Enterprise installs

Kip Kniskern

Microsoft Campus

In a session with tech writer on Microsoft’s campus today, the company revealed that of the 75 million installations of Windows 10 they announced a few days ago, some 1.5 million of those are for Enterprise SKUs.  A number of writers in attendence, including Peter Bright of Ars Technica, tweeted out the information:

The number is significant in that enterprise customers are traditionally reluctant to jump in and upgrade as training issues along with cost (Enterprise SKUs are not free like the consumer editions are), so this comes as more good news for the early adoption of Windows 10.
Microsoft also announced at the event that change lists are coming to Windows 10 for Business.  There was a recent flurry of consternation that Microsoft’s latest upgrades to Windows 10 did not contain a change list, with Gabe Aul pointing to the difficulty of compiling such a list for every update from the “massive change management database”. Business users at least will apparently be getting a changelog, however.