Windows 10 advertisements features kids who will "do great things"

Sean Michael

Windows 10 Do Great Things ad

Microsoft has released a new batch of commercials for Windows 10. While their earlier commercials features some cute toddlers, these new ads feature kids in school. There are four advertisements in total though one is mostly a compilation of other ads. Each commercial shows off kids using Windows Hello, the Start Menu, Microsoft Edge web annotations and Cortana search. The theme behind the ads is “the ones who will do great things.”
In one ad there’s a girl who wants to save the oceans from pollution. She uses Windows 10 specific features and creates a PowerPoint presentation on it.
The next ad has a boy who loves outer space. He circles Mars within Microsoft Edge and writes “doesn’t seem too far” on the page.
Another ad shows a girl drawing in the back of the class. She has a passion for art and the commercial states “who knows, she could create next masterpiece.”
The final ad is a mashup of clips from the other ads and follows the same theme. It also has some clips of other children so there may be a few more ads from this campaign on the way.
It may seem odd to have children centric advertisements for an operating system but these ads are more directed at parents than kids. Features like web annotation and Cortana search within a browser are new to us but if Microsoft Edge is popular will be second nature by the time the kids in these advertisements grow up. It makes sense that Microsoft wants to show off new features while simultaneously getting Windows 10 into the minds of consumers.