Windows 10 19H2 Build 18363.329 now available for all “seekers” in the Release Preview Ring

Laurent Giret

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Microsoft is giving access to Windows 10 19H2 to more Insiders in the Release Preview ring. Yesterday, the company announced that all “seekers” in the Release Preview ring can now download the 19H2 Build 18363.329, which was previously released to a subset of Insiders of Release Preview Insiders last week.

If this 19H2 build is now available for all Insiders in the Release Preview Ring who check for updates, Microsoft will also push it automatically to 10% of Insiders in that Ring. You can read the Windows Insider team’s full explanation below:

We have increased the “seeker” experience for 19H2 in the Release Preview ring to 100%. This means that everyone in the Release Preview ring should see a Windows 10, version 1909 update available If they go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Insiders who choose to install this update will be updated to 19H2 Build 18363.329. We are also beginning to push 19H2 out to 10% of Windows Insiders in the Release Preview ring as well. This means 10% of Insiders in the Release Preview should see 19H2 Build 18363.329 offered automatically.

To be clear, this 18363.329 build that’s now available on the Release Preview ring is different from the 19H2 build 18362.10019 that Microsoft released for Slow Ring Insiders yesterday. The latter includes all new features included that have been tested ahead of the release of the 19H2 update later this Fall, including the ability to enable third-party digital assistants to voice activate above the Lock screen, or to quickly create an event straight from the Calendar flyout on the Taskbar.

Slow Ring and Release Preview Insiders are not exactly on the same page for now, but Microsoft still isn’t done with the 19H2 update and build numbers should continue to change in the near future.