Microsoft Defender Preview app now available for download on Windows 10, Windows 11

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Defender

Last month we got a first peek at a new Microsoft Defender on Windows 11, and we’re now happy to report that the app is now officially available for download in preview. Though Microsoft still hasn’t made an announcement, the new app can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Store in the U.S. and is a nice little companion to the existing Windows Security experience in Windows 10 and Windows 11 (via Ghacks.)

Again, this isn’t an app that is going to replace any antivirus on your PC. Rather, it allows users to control their online security from one centralized view. The app also provides its users with real-time notifications in case of an attack and counter security tips. It also works without a subscription, though you’ll need to sign in with a Microsoft Account to see your devices. We included some screenshots of the experience for you below.

The app has three different panes. The pane on the left provides the users with security tips. Then, there is the middle panel, called This Device. Here you can access your device’s detailed security information including the number of scanned files, the number of threats when you last scanned the device, and the option to add another device. The third pane on the far right is home to a way for you to add other devices, and protect them. You can add devices with a link, or a QR code.

Overall, there are a couple of key features in the Microsoft Defender Preview app. You have access to security tips on how to stay safe, remove and add your devices, view enhanced security for your device, and links on how to stay safe online. Check it out now via the link below, but keep in mind it’s U.S. only for now, but you can use a VPN to download if you’re outside the U.S.

Microsoft Defender
Microsoft Defender
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