Windows 10 Creators Update features will soon roll out to Insiders, starting with Paint 3D in the Store

Kareem Anderson

Windows 10 Creators Update

The Windows team showed off a cornucopia of features planned for an early 2017 update to Windows 10 dubbed the Creators Update.

The Creators Update features showcased during Microsoft’s Fall Windows event left many Windows 10 Insiders perplexed as to where and when those additions would start to appear in preview builds. With the Creators Update tentatively scheduled for some time in early 2017 and its features heavily embedded in Windows 10’s framework, it would seem the Windows team would want to begin testing them as soon as possible.

Well, “as soon as possible” could be as soon as next week according to Windows 10 Insider Preview lead Dona Sarkar. In a late day tweet, Sarkar informs Insiders that the Creators Update features should begin rolling out in various builds over the next few weeks to months.

Soon, Insiders will be testing the full breadth of Windows 10’s 3D pitch as well as some new Skype, Cortana and other new integrations with Office 365.

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