has been updated, welcome to the public beta (updated)


No, your eyes do not deceive you. You are seeing the brand new redesign. This design has taken countless hours and lot of hard labor to bring it to light, and with that, we welcome you to a new era of!

We decided to bring the new design a bit early and display it as a “public beta.” The site still has minor display bugs and there are still a few things that need to be adjusted. With that, we are asking for your help in testing out the new site. Please comment below any bugs or feature requests you may have. We will gladly accept your feedback.

The new design features a three-column layout on the frontpage and a shift away from the traditional “blog look.” Well, at least for the frontpage. The news page will retain the blog format for easy reading and commenting. We’ve also added support for smaller resolutions and you will notice the site is much more responsive when adjusting your resolution. We’ve also done some major tweaking on the server side. We are happy to state that our site is now faster than before.

We are still planning a few more things so stay tuned. We are planning an “alternative view” for the frontpage, for those who dislike the three-column look and don’t agree with the use of larger images. Also keep in mind that the site may be slow for a short time, due to the caches and indexes being re-built. If you happen to run into a design flaw “all of a sudden”, don’t worry about it. Clear your browser cache!

Again, thanks to our readers for making all this possible. We would be nowhere if it weren’t for you. We’ve grown immensely over the past year and we hope to continue to grow as the years go by.