Why does it take so long for new Windows 10 Mobile builds?


Windows10Mobile Lumia920 1

We are asked this question often via email or in our comments section, “when is the next Windows 10 build?” Just recently, we explained the process of “flighting rings” for Windows 10 builds, but how come it has taken so long to receive new Windows 10 Mobile builds?
“Mobile doesn’t have patching, so a bug we want to fix means a re-spin and new build. PC can be patched without new build,” says Microsoft’s own Gabriel Aul, the man in charge of the Windows Insider Program.
So what does this mean? Unlike Windows 10 for PC, if a major bug is discovered, Microsoft has to fix the issue and create a new build of the mobile operating system. Microsoft has to compile new builds and test internally before determining if a particular build is capable of being rolled out to the public via the Windows Insider Program.
Unlike Windows 10 for PC where a hotfix can be released at any time to resolve a major issue allowing buggy builds to be released quicker, Microsoft has to ensure a certain quality level before rolling out the mobile build to Insiders. This is why it has taken so long between new mobile builds. Unfortunately, at this time, there isn’t much we can do except be patient.
Microsoft is considering Windows 10 Mobile build 10530 as a candidate to be pushed out to Windows Insiders, possibly as early as next week. Aul further stated that they really “want a great build” for Insiders and are working on “one key fix” before they send it out.
This means Microsoft compiled a new mobile build but discovered an issue. Until that issue is resolved, the company cannot roll out the mobile build.
Aul was asked on Twitter if it would be beneficial to bring patching to Windows 10 Mobile, but explained that it would increase code footprint. If an important security fix for Windows 10 Mobile needs to be rolled out, the company currently has to release an entirely new build with the fix implemented.
So there you have it. Hopefully this explains why Microsoft takes so long to roll out a new Windows 10 Mobile build for Insiders.