Is the white Xbox One finally coming to retail?


Is the white Xbox One finally coming to retail?

Until now, the white version of the Xbox One was available only to developers, though we have seen several of them show up on Ebay. However, those who didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars in one of those auctions you were out of luck. 

Now it seems the latest generation of the Microsoft gaming console may actually hit retail in the white color. A French store has put the device up for pre-order. Micromania listed the white Xbox One, along with the accompanying white controller and a black Kinect, all selling for €399.99. 

The pre-order touted an October 28th release, and was spotted by the folks at the Official Xbox Magazine. The page was taken down rather quickly, but not before a screenshot was grabbed. This leads to speculation that an accidental posting had perhaps jumped the gun on an embargo. 

Microsoft is set to hold a press conference on August 12th at Gamescom, meaning the announcement may come at that time. However, the cat has already got out of the bag, as the posting seemed to certainly verify the retail existence of the new version of the console. 

If you have not already purchased the Xbox One, and are still planning to do so, then you may want to hold for a bit to see what is announced next week.