White House procures AI security commitments from tech giants like Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft

Priya Walia

Artificial Intelligence

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In a trailblazing accord aimed at curbing the potential pitfalls of  AI technology, seven tech behemoths have pledged to follow a set of AI safeguards proposed by President Joe Biden’s administration. The decision was made public by the White House, underlining that the commitments aim to uphold the safe deployment of AI products.

The consortium includes prominent technology companies OpenAI, Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, and Microsoft. Each participant has given a nod on a set of voluntary commitments concerning developing their AI technologies.

The Voluntary AI Commitments

Here’s what the commitments include:

  1. Identification of AI-Generated Content. Companies have vowed to develop mechanisms, such as watermarks, to help consumers distinguish AI-generated content.
  2. Independent Security Assessment. Enlisting expertise from independent assessors, they will vet the security mechanisms of their tools before public release.
  3. Information Sharing. As part of the drive to ensure an ecosystem of transparency, they’ve agreed to share information about best practices and security circumventions with governments, outside experts, and Industry peers.
  4. Third-Party Vulnerability Reporting. Companies will permit third-party entities to inspect and alert about potential system vulnerabilities.
  5. Technology Limitations Disclosure. There’ll be honest reporting on technology limitations and guidelines on appropriate AI tool usage.
  6. Research on Societal Impact. A determined focus will be placed on the research examining societal risks related to AI, primarily encircling discrimination and privacy.
  7. AI as a Vehicle for Mitigating Challenges. AI will be developed to aid the resolution of societal issues, such as climate change and disease control.

AI: A Potential Powerhouse

AI’s development and scale have accelerated remarkably in recent years. The release of OpenAI’s ChatGPTmarked a significant turning point, showcasing AI’s prowess to respond to simple text inputs with creative and conversational replies.

As a result, it has drawn large-scale investments, stirring apprehensions, especially concerning generative AI. The potential powers embedded in AI have elicited public fear, prompting calls for extensive caution in its resultant impacts. An open letter published in May by several industry leaders emphasized that minimizing extinction risks due to AI should be prioritized at a global level.

Among those scheduled for Friday’s White House meeting are top-ranking executives – Adam Selipsky (CEO, Amazon Web Services), Dario Amodei (CEO, Anthropic), Kent Walker (Head of Global Affairs, Google), Mustafa Suleyman (CEO, Inflection), Nick Clegg (Meta – Head of Global Affairs), Brad Smith (President, Microsoft) and Greg Brockman (President, OpenAI).

Via Time Magazine