WhatsWrapp is an awesome WhatsApp companion app for your Windows 10 desktop

Dave W. Shanahan


There’s a new third party client app for WhatsApp on Windows 10. WhatsWrapp is a web-wrapped WhatsApp client for Windows 10. It’s good news that WhatsApp Web is now compatible with Microsoft Edge, but it would be nice if there was a way to integrate WhatsApp notifications with the Windows 10 Action Center, and WhatsWrapp attempts to make that possible.

WhatsWrapp allows you to see your WhatsApp notifications in the Windows 10 Action Center; one thing that WhatsApp Web doesn’t currently do. One downfall of WhatsWrapp is when the app is closed, you cannot see your notifications or unread messages in the the live tile; WhatsWrapp needs to be open to see your notifications in the live tile or in the Windows 10 Action Center.

WhatsWrapp is the closest thing to a WhatsApp Universal Windows 10 app. Here is a list of features that WhatsWrapp provides:

  • Web wrapper for WhatsApp
  • Live tile with unread messages and chat counts
  • Toast notification with unread messages and chat counts when app is in background
  • Shows unread messages in action center

Download WhatsWrapp from the Windows Store.

Developer: Dhananjay Odhekar
Price: Free