WhatsApp web now appears to work with Microsoft Edge

Hammad Saleem

WhatsApp Windows Phone

WhatsApp Web is possibly one of the best features released by the company, especially for those who are hardcore users of the app. The Web interface allows users to get in touch with their loved ones and friends from their browser, but unfortunately, Microsoft’s Edge browser wasn’t in the list of supported browsers initially.

Recently, users on Reddit noticed that WhatsApp Web is now officially available on Microsoft Edge Browser without the need of emulating it as Chrome or Firefox. Just open the browser and run WhatsApp Web.

If you’re still unable to get access to it in Microsoft Edge, you can try clearing your browsing cache. Be forewarned that some Redditors are not able to get WhatsApp working on Edge without spoofing a user agent string, and support may be rolling out over time. Let us know if you are able to use WhatsApp Web in Microsoft Edge.