WhatsApp beta gets UI overhaul for Windows 10 Mobile

Kit McDonald

As more applications convert over to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), one of the most popular social apps for Windows 10 Mobile continues to support the device even in its decline. WhatsApp has released an update to beta version 2.16.40, featuring a new major redesign for the application bar to work better with Windows 10 Mobile. Voice recording, capture pictures, and file attachments have been slipped into the app bar making it appear much sleeker than before.

An Italian tech site has captured a number of screenshots of the new WhatsApp design.


While some users have found that the app has given them difficulties such as being slow or unresponsive, others have reported that re-installing the application has fixed these issues. But hey, that’s why we have beta programs, right?

WhatsApp Beta (Old)
WhatsApp Beta (Old)
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