WhatsApp Beta app updates on Windows phones with new features

Kareem Anderson

whatsapp, windows 10 mobile

WhatsApp is looking to test some new UI and sticker functionality in its latest update rolled out to the Beta App this week.

Anyone using the WhatsApp Beta app on Windows phones or other platforms should see an update waiting for them that will include:

  • New UI to manage stickers. (Under internal testing/not available for beta testers right now)
  • New separate tab to access stickers which includes “Recent Stickers” and “Starred Stickers” (Under internal testing/not available for beta testers right now)
  • Ability to switch between Audio and Video calls.

The new features help streamline conversations on phones as it now allows users switch between call types without having to annoyingly exit and reenter the app.

I’m not personally abreast about the sticker situation in WhatsApp, but from what listed in the channel log, people will now be able to access them much quicker now that they have their own tabbed access.

The new update is being rolled out and tested in the Beta app but should be coming to official app shortly.

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