Microsoft HoloLens shows off the Easter Egg hunt of the future

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft, HoloLens

Just in time for Easter Sunday, Microsoft used HoloLens to create their first-ever augmented reality (AR) game, Easter Egg Hunt. In a story on Mashable, FLARB and AfterNow, in partnership with Microsoft HoloLens, created “Easter Egg Hunt” to showcase the capabilities of HoloLens and create a unique mixed reality experience.

AfterNow’s Philippe Lewicki describes how AfterNow and FLARB created Easter Egg Hunt using a combination of a physical space with AR elements provided by HoloLens: “There’s mapping that’s done with a depth camera that creates a 3D mesh of the world and that’s synced with head tracking.”

With the rise of mixed reality games like Pokémon GO, Microsoft hopes to work with more companies like FLARB and AfterNow to create more mixed reality experiences, beginning with the Windows 10 Creators Update and beyond. The Easter Egg Hunt game provides us with a look at the infinite opportunities available in mixed reality using the HoloLens.

Ralph Barbagallo, the founder of FLARB, sees more about future applications using Microsoft HoloLens.

“This project really is a proof of concept for a best case scenario of a much more elaborate pre-built experience. Imagine an amusement style attraction with film-quality assets and more advanced headsets with wider FOVs and the ability to not only additively draw on top of your vision but replace what you are seeing as well.”

Barbagallo posted some behind the scenes notes on how they built the app on his blog, including details on designing for the HoloLens experience, and dealing with the field of view. From the looks of it, the outcome was a success:

FLARB is one of the earliest developers for the HoloLens, and are building a number of mixed reality applications and games for Windows Holographic and Windows 10. Look out for more of their games and apps coming soon to the Windows Store.