What devices do you carry with you, Microsoft or otherwise?


What devices do you carry with you, Microsoft or otherwise?

We’re, obviously, big fans of tech here at WinBeta — we eat, sleep, and breathe the latest devices and software. While we might spend a good deal of time holed up in an office of one sort or another, glued to a laptop or desktop, there are times when we need to venture outside. But leaving the comfort of the office cave is far from being a reason to leave the tech behind.

As writer, it is important to keep on top of all of the latest news as it happens. As much as I am a fan of disconnecting from the web from time to time, it’s not really something that is all that practical — cut off for too long, and you never know what you might miss. But technology is not just about work. It is also about communication, entertainment and much more.

When I leave the house, I cannot do so without ensuring that my phone is slipped into my back pocket. Through this I access my emails, make use of instant messaging, read the news, play games, transfer money between accounts, pay for coffee, upload photos to Facebook, read Twitter, browse the web, look for places to eat, check online prices for things I’ve found in store. The list goes on and one.

My phone of choice is a Samsung Galaxy. Yep, Android, not a Windows Phone. I’ve tried hard to like Windows Phone, but failed. To me it is like a child only a mother could love. I want to be able to do things my way, not be dictated to by my mobile operating system — so Android it is… rooted to make it even more flexible. But of course a phone just doesn’t cut it for some tasks. It’s great for browsing websites, making notes, tracking my calendar, but I need more.

If I’m out for any sorted of extended period, I sling my Surface Pro in a bag, complete with the Type Cover. As a computer for typing on for extended periods, the Surface is just about the best computer I’ve ever used. I’m hard on Microsoft when it comes to Windows Phone — I still think it’s an abomination — but when the company gets something right, it gets it very right: the Surface Pro is a case in point.

One of the great things about the device is that it has great battery life, but it doesn’t last forever. Of course I carry the power cable with me, but for those times when power is an issue, I have a Chromebook in reserve. Initially skeptical about the Chromebook, I’m now a convert. It’s not my go-to computer — that title is reserved for the Surface Pro — but it’s a superb device to have as a backup. Again, the keyboard is fantastic, and the laptop weighs virtually nothing so it’s no great hardship to carry it about.

I’ve also been known to cart a Lumia 2520 with me. Like my phone this is good for the odd thing, but it is also limited. Battery life is support, but the lack of physical keyboard is a problem. I’ve written lengthy articles using the on-screen keyboard, but it’s something of a chore. Oh, and it’s Windows RT which is another abomination. What is it with Microsoft and mobile operating systems?

So… back to the question. In my bags and pocket you’ll find a Samsung Galaxy S4, a Surface Pro, and a Chromebook. What’s in yours?