WhartonBrooks shows off a sneak peek of its upcoming Windows phone device

Jack Wilkinson

WhartonBrooks is a company that famously sprung into the spotlight amongst Windows phone fans last year. The company announced it is working on a Windows phone device “you have been waiting for.”

Since the initial announcement, many have been lost as to what WhartonBrooks is actually planning or working on, or whether the project will actually see the light of day. Now, the company has tweeted an image of its upcoming device:


From the image shown, it looks as if the devices have an aluminium strip around the edge, or potentially even the body of the device itself.

WhartonBrooks’ website notes a few key components of its upcoming device:

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Lightning fast
  • Continuum support

As noted, these are some of the final samples and the company is hoping that they’re ready for the testing phase. Ending the tweet, the company wants to know what to name these first 2 samples, give us your thoughts in the comments below!