WeChat for Windows Phone updated, new 'moments' feature and more

Dave W. Shanahan

WeChat for Windows Phone lets you text, make voice calls and more for free

WeChat is a cross-platform messaging app for Windows Phone, as well as other smartphone operating systems. WeChat lets you carry out video calls, texting, and voice calls for free; either over your phone’s existing data plan or WiFi connection. WeChat has some of the same features of other messaging apps, like those found on WhatsApp. However, WeChat also has some unique features, like walkie-talkie mode, where you can chat with up to 40 of your friends at once. WeChat’s features include:

  • Voice messages and video calls
  • Instant messaging with group chats and animated emoticons
  • Chat with your friends or with people nearby
  • Send photos and video
  • Real walkie-talkie mode with up to 40 friends
  • Get message alerts instantly with push notifications
  • Share, like, and comment on photos with your friends
  • Import contacts and add friends instantly

WeChat just received an update today that added a couple new features to the Windows Phone app. Now, you can take a short video and share it with your friends in chat via a feature called “Moments.” The other feature allows you to add tags to your contacts that you call, text, or video chat with so you can find them fast.

So, give WeChat for Windows Phone a try and download it via the link below.