Webmasters gain new security powers in latest Bing update

Sean Cameron


For over a year now, Microsoft has doubled down in its efforts to appeal to businesses. This has been achieved through the addition of many business and enterprise friendly features to its existing services, such as Windows Phone, in the hopes that adoption rates will increase.

Being as important as it is, it was only a matter of time before Bing became part of this train of improvement, and indeed it already has been. This continues in the latest update to the service, which will enhance its appeal to Webmasters greatly.


With the new “Track Certificates” feature, certificates requested by browsers as they visit websites can be tracked through Bing Webmaster services. These requests can then be flagged and dealt with if deemed suspicious, allowing the webmaster a greater deal of security than was possible previously.

Reported certificates are passed onto Microsoft, where they are then dealt with accordingly. This new feature is available under the Webmaster tool section titled “Security”.

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