The Weather Channel updated for Windows 10 with new features

Jonny Caldwell

Windows 10 is grabbing the attention of developers, as more and more of companies including Facebook have started to work on turning their Windows 8.1 apps into universal Windows 10 apps. Another company that has just released its own Windows 10 app is the Weather Channel.
The new app features a redesigned interface using the Windows 10 universal app design language. The new Weather Channel app also adds new features such as advanced radar virtualization, integration with Cortana. Other features include the ability to track any changes to flights through the app’s airport weather impact updates feature. Here’s the full list of features included in the new Weather Channel app for Windows 10:

  • The weather you need – Offers detailed current conditions, hourly forecasts and 15-day forecasts
  • Radar visualization – Interactive weather maps load quickly to show past, current, or future radar. User can tilt the road map for a different perspective and use pinpoint locations to check current weather conditions anywhere globally.
  • Severe alerts when it matters most – Stay safe with severe weather notifications and national weather news updates.
  • Rain and lightning alerts – Real-time alerts tell you exactly where it will rain or where lightning strikes close by, based on GPS location. Users can opt for morning rain reports for favorite locations as well.
  • Pollen alerts – Allergy sufferers can stay aware of the pollen counts near them.
  • Relevant weather news and video – Offers the latest updates on severe storms or unusual weather, as well as videos covering local forecasts, climate change news and more, all streamed in HD.
  • New live tile – Choose a live tile to for current weather or high/low temperatures wherever they are, or keep tabs on conditions in favorite locations.
  • Health matters – Track pollen levels and get flu reports (when available).
  • Airport weather impacts – Know how weather will affect flights with airport arrival and departure data.
  • Help from Cortana – Simply activate Cortana and say or type “WeatherChannel” followed by your question.
  • Get global language support – The app is available in 40 languages.

If you’re interested, you can download the new app from the link below. Have an opinion to share about the new app, certain features of the app, or how the app could be better? We’d love to hear what you think down in the comments!

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel
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