Watch this AT&T and Red Bull Racings Formula 1 HoloLens demo at MWC 2017

Arif Bacchus

Redbull HoloLens

Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality headset has already been used in a variety of fields, including the military, aviation industry, and even for education. At Mobile World Congress (MWC,) however, AT&T and Red Bull Racing treated show attendees to a synchronized HoloLens demo of the amazing technology behind the winning Red Bull Formula One racing team.

As seen above, the mixed reality experience begins with an explanation of how Formula 1 is the world’s most technologically advanced sport and the details on how AT&T provides Redbull with a safe and secure connection to quickly share data and improve performance on and off the race track.

Attendees are then shown videos of RedBull Formula 1 racers on the track, and then are greeted with a rotating augmented reality model of an actual Redbull Formula 1 racer. As the session progresses, the augmented reality model bursts open and attendees are shown details on the engine, power unit, tires, front and rear wing, and more.

HoloLens and F1
HoloLens and F1

At another point, the augmented reality model closes shut to show off the locations of the 100 sensors on the racing machine, which are responsible for tire temperature readings, suspension loads, and overall car performance. Amazingly, attendees are later invited to walk up closer, and the augmented reality Formula 1 racer model shrinks down to a micro-sized car.  To end, an augmented model of a Formula 1 track appears, complete with racing Formula 1 cars on an active race track!

Safe to say this latest use of HoloLens is quite amazing. We would love to hear your thoughts on how you envision HoloLens being used in your life, so be sure to drop us a comment below! And, be sure to check out our HoloLens news hub, so you won’t miss a single moment of all the HoloLens news and information.