Watch Microsoft show off Windows 8.1 build 9415 during TechEd 2013 Day 1 (video)


Windows 8.1 Blue

During TechEd 2013 Day 1, Microsoft showcased a Windows 8.1 Enterprise machine running build 9415. We’ve seen leaked screenshots of build 9415 which didn’t showcase much, however, during the event, we got to see the Start Button in Windows 8.1. Now, you can re-live the TechEd 2013 Day 1 presentation where Microsoft showed off this new build of Windows 8.1.

June 26th is the day we are all expecting to get our hands on the preview build of Windows 8.1. On that day, the Build 2013 developer conference will begin as well and Microsoft is expected to speak more about the new operating system update. Eight months into the life of Windows 8 and we are already going to be receiving a highly-anticipated update that brings along with it numerous new features and changes based on user feedback! How exciting is that!

The presentation begins with Microsoft’s Corporate VP Brad Anderson driving an Aston Martin in a car chase for a stolen item. Anderson opens up the event by stating that we will see “significant innovations” to every one of the company’s products running our datacenters. Grab a cup of coffee and hit play below to watch the presentation. Windows 8.1 is introduced a bit after the 10 minute mark.