Watch this! Microsoft demos Windows 8.1 during Computex 2013 in Taipei (video)


Windows 8.1

Curious to see Microsoft’s keynote during the Computex 2013 event in Taipei? Well, here is the video that showcases the event and more specifically, the keynote in which Microsoft showcases the upcoming Windows 8.1 update.

In the video, you will see pretty much all of the new features that is expected in Windows 8.1. Microsoft’s Antoine Leblond, corporate VP of Windows, and Tami Reller, as well as other Microsoft executives, show off the first public demo of Windows 8.1. Microsoft touches on various improvements made to the operating system, including many of those we have been reading over the past few months.

Microsoft also held a keynote at TechEd 2013 where Michael Niehaus, senior product marketing manager, spoke about Windows RT in the Enterprise. You can check out that video here. Ok enough chit chat, lets go ahead and watch the keynote. Grab a cup of coffee and hit play!