Watch JerryRigEverything attempt to bend the Surface Duo in half (and fail at doing so)

Arif Bacchus

Duo Jery Bend Test

YouTuber JerryRigEverything is back with another one of his durability tests, and this time, the victim phone is the Microsoft Surface Duo. In his latest, he puts the Microsoft foldable through its worst, only to find that it’s quite survivable.

As typical, the 9 minute and 29-second long video has its usual caveats. Jerry begins by unboxing the device. He then mentions the Duo’s unique dual-screen 360-degree design, and the lack of a rear camera. He also talks about the real oddity of attaching the bumper case with tape, too.

There’s even a thickness comparison to his Note 10+. There, Jerry says he honestly likes the phone, except for the lack of the camera on the rear. Interestingly, he even bend tests the Surface Slim Pen, which he believes snaps in half, but not so easily as the SPen or the Apple Pencil

At around the 3:40 mark, Jerry tests the screens and the single mono metal speaker grille on the Duo by scratching it. Of course, the screen scatches deeper at a level 7, like most phones with Gorilla Glass 5. He even says he gets the appeal of the dual-screens on the Duo, saying “I’m strangely drawn to the device, weird phones have always appealed to me.”

More importantly, at around the 4:43 mark, the Jerry scratches the sides of the Duo. He says that the frame and the buttons are made of plastic, as when he scratches it, it begins to peel off. This is quite surprising for a $1,400 phone and this made him nervous about the bend test.

When he finally bends the phone at around 8:08 the phone flexes, and the phone still turns on. The phone holds the initial flex and curves, but the metal hinges keep the phone from splitting in half like Apple’s iPad Pro did. “The metal hinge is holding its own and is carrying the load, the Phone is flexing a bit. If the metal hinge was not there this phone would definitely be toast,” said Jerry in the video.

The screen does not crack and the hinges do not break. Indeed, it seems like Microsoft really did design a super durable phone with the Surface Duo, and the device could withstand the pressure you put on it.