Watch Dona Sarkar and friends unbox the Surface Go

Arif Bacchus

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Microsoft’s 10-inch Surface Go is not set for release until next week, but some members of the Windows Insider team have gotten their hands on the device a bit early. You can watch below for yourself as Dona and Brandon LeBlanc get to assist in unboxing Surface Go in all of its full glory.

In part one of the video, you can see as the duo goes through the packaging. A member from the Microsoft PR team initially gets her hands on the device and takes the protective plastic off the box. She seems to struggle to get the lid off, but with assistance from Brandon and Dona, we get a peek of Surface Go in its plastic wrap.

Dona then gets to hold the Surface Go in her hand, and comments on how light it truly is. Brandon then gets to hold it for himself and adds how he likes the curves on the device. The two eventually take the plastic off and talk about how they can use the device, including for inking and browsing the web.

In part 2 of the unboxing video, Brandon talks about the kickstand, the USB-C and Micro-SD ports, reminding us that an LTE variant will be available later. Dona ends the quick hands-on video by diving deeper into the weight of the device and showing us how the pen can attach to Surface Go.

It’s nice to see an unboxing video of Surface Go this early, especially since the device is still up for pre-order. Did you like this unboxing video or find it exciting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.