Bill Gates delivers his keynote during the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2013 (video)


Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2013

During the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2013 today, Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates spoke about computing research and how it can improve the world we live in. Gates even spoke about Microsoft Bob, stating that it was ahead of its time.

Bill Gates began his keynote speech talking about education and his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. After his keynote speech, Gates answered questions in a Q&A session about development of computer technologies. One such technology can track environmental and health problems, a topic that his foundation has been focused on.

Gates even spoke about the growth of online education, as well as the wide variety of mobile devices out in the market today. The topic may have been about the future of computing, but Gates even dropped hints about Microsoft Bob making a return. For those that don’t know, Microsoft Bob was a “virtual assistant” in Windows 95. This “virtual assistant” was ahead of its time, “like most of our mistakes,” Gates states.

We’ve embedded the entire keynote below for your viewing pleasure. Sit back, grab a cup of joe, and hit play!