Want to watch NFL pre-season games? You can with Windows 8.1


Want to watch NFL pre-season games? You can with Windows 8.1

The Hall of Fame game is now behind us and we can look forward to the rest of pre-season. Games are underway, paving the road to the regular season, which begins in early September. Regardless of the team your allegiance lays with, you can watch them on your Windows 8.1 PC. 

The app does a bit more than just stream the action from your game of choice. If you watch it after the fact then you’ll have an option for a condensed version — it’s the whole game from first to last snap, but the in-between-plays parts are removed, bringing the game down to a svelte 30 odd minutes, which saves you considerable time. 

Customers can also browse scores scores from around the league, as well as archived game scores and player stats. It’s enough to get fantasy owners excited, giving ideas about who you may want to be drafting for your team come the season opener. 

All of this does not come without a cost, though the app itself is entirely free. However, you’ll need to sign up for the NFL package, which will set you back a rather reasonable $19.99 for every pre-season game — reasonable in comparison to Sunday Ticket, at least. It requires Windows 8.1, and you can grab it by following the download link below.