Want to work at Microsoft? Here’s five tips on how to land the job

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft India

Working at Microsoft or any of the major tech giants is the dream job for many. So, if you’re looking to land a job at Microsoft and stand out from other candidates, you might want to follow these five tips from Chuck Edward, Microsoft’s head of global talent acquisition (via Fast Company.)

According to Edward, over 9 million people visit Microsoft’s careers site, with over 2 million applications sent in annually. He revealed the five areas Microsoft considers when looking through applications from millions of candidates— LinkedIn, Learning, Culture, Thinking on Your Feet, and opting for being nervous instead of over-rehearsed.

First, Edward mentions Microsoft’s recruiters actively use LinkedIn and “other tools” to help find candidates with the necessary skill sets for the job. He pointed to the importance of keeping the skills and bucket list clear and highlighting developmental experiences on your LinkedIn profile. He also mentioned that Microsoft looks for leaders and learners, asking questions to see if candidates have recovered from mistakes or show resilience.

Third up, to pass the initial recruitment screening at Microsoft, Edwards says it is best to research and ask questions about the current state of culture at the business. Candidates get passed between four and even interviews, and it is best to follow trends and push the interviewer with good questions.

Finally, it is also best to show confidence, not over-rehearse, and be prepared for odd questions. Edward says this shows how candidates can be self-aware and can break free of the common practices rehearsed before interviews.

We hope you found Edward’s tips helpful. Have you ever considered a career at Microsoft? You can explore careers at Microsoft by visiting this website.