Want to install Windows 8 on your Samsung Series 7 Slate? Now you can!

Zac Bowden

Were you one of many who purchased a Samsung Series 7 Slate just to use Windows 8 with? If so, you already know that you may have had many issues since Samsung hadn’t released any official drivers. Today, Samsung have announced official drivers for the Samsung Series 7 Slate which will enable your device to work properly with Windows 8.

Samsung have today released Windows 8 compatible drivers for all Samsung Series 7 Slates. These drivers have been long awaited since the Consumer Preview was released, many had purchase the Slate just for Windows 8, and were turned down by the lack of driver support.

Samsung warns that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is pre-release software and should only be installed if you know what your doing. Samsung launched a webpage dedicated to the drivers, which can be found here. You can download all the drivers you need from that webpage.

Samsung have also included many links to other Microsoft directories, which offers information for those who need it. If you have a Series 7 Slate, will you be installing Windows 8?