Want a Google+ Invite? Get one here!


Google recently introduced a new attempt at social networking and a new attempt to compete with Facebook. The new service, called Google+, looks similar to Facebook and has features such as photos, messages, comments, and other content from a select group of friends. For those looking for an invite to this cool service, look no further!

One of the features of Google+ is called “Sparks” and acts as a search engine for hobbies. Powered by the +1 button, users are find particular items they search for. Another feature, called “Hangouts”, allows a user to launch a special screen that alerts friends and invites them to join a group video chat session. Another neat feature, called “Huddle”, allows users to utilize group messaging via their mobile phone as well as an auto-upload feature that uploads any photo of video to a private folder in the cloud.

Google is currently in an invite-only “Field Trial” period and has a mobile app available in the Android market with an Apple app coming soon. Google is planning on going live with Google+ “soon.”

Interestingly enough, Professor Jeremy Littau at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., is requiring all his students to sign up for Google+ this Fall. He wrote about the possibilities on his blog. “As a teaching tool, [Google+] intrigues me. I’m already planning on holding Hangout office hours this fall for students, where they can get on and ask questions about class material. And because it’s multi-user, others can hang out in the lounge and listen. Sometimes I go over the same stuff with multiple students in multiple meetings; this could streamline that process,” said Littau.

For those wishing to attain an invite to this, simply follow the steps below:

1) Create an account on WinBeta or Login via Facebook
2) Reply to this post to show your interest.
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We are giving away as many invites as we can until Google says “stop it!” If you received an invite and want to share it, please do so! Post a comment to that user and let them know you are hooking them up!

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