Leaked images reveal Wallet app’s new look for Windows 10 Mobile

Brad Stephenson

WindowsBlogItalia has landed some screencaps of the future update coming to the Wallet app on Windows 10 Mobile devices.

The app as a whole seems to be getting a new visual design that’s closer to other modern Windows phone apps as well as a new icon. The Wallet app will also be adding the ability to add loyalty cards, scan barcodes, assign categories to cards, and color options for marking selections.

A lot of those features were actually already in previous versions of the app on Windows Phone 8.1 devices but have been either buggy or unusable for most since the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. This review from the Windows Store sums up the situation pretty well; “This app does nothing! None of the 12 available “supported” apps I’ve installed even appear in Wallet. It doesn’t allow any physical cards to be added either. Might be worth removing from the store until fixed.”

Here are some of the screenshots taken as well as the app’s current official description which appears to be for the Windows 8.1 version:

Image courtesy of WindowsBlogitalia
Image courtesy of WindowsBlogItalia

Keep your cards and passes in one place. With Wallet, you have your cards when and where you need them:

Boarding passes – Show and scan your boarding pass at the airport or bus station.

Event tickets – Show and scan tickets to concerts, sporting events and more.

Loyalty cards – Show and scan your loyalty cards at the supermarket or your favourite restaurant.

Membership cards – Check out books at the library, check in at the gym, etc.

Coupons – Keep track of your coupons in one location.

Do you use the Wallet app on your Windows phone? How often do you use it and would you recommend others give it a go? Do you use a competitor’s app instead that has more features and is more reliable? Let us know your recommendations in the comments below.

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