Wacom releases Universal Windows 10 App Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper Windows 10 App

Today, Wacom has released a universal Windows 10 app of Bamboo Paper. Bamboo Paper has been very popular amongst mobile users and is now available for the 110+ million Windows 10 users to try out. Offering the ability to have Notebooks across multiple platforms, Bamboo Paper gives the user the freedom to capture ideas on almost any device.
Bamboo Paper allows the users features from sketching, drawing, paint to annotating notes and journals.  Similar to the popular Microsoft OneNote application, users can share their notebooks with anyone they chose, giving up full control over its contents if desired.
To help  further with the creation of notebooks, Wacom builds this app to utilize their WILL software, a universal ink technology that provides for a smooth, natural writing experience on your Windows tablet. Along with this app and inking technology, you have access to six different in-app pens and brushes to use for sketching, notes and coloring. To take your creativity another step, in-app purchases allow you to change the style of paper, add more pens and brushes, and utilize a Bamboo Stylus or one of your own, making the experience even more natural.
The new version has a new look and feel and has been made explicitly compatible with Windows 10. For a general feel of how the app can be used, check out the short video:

If you are a person who’s into creative sketching, notetaking, annotating, or coloring, give the new Bamboo Paper app a try on your Windows tablet and let us know how the experience is.

Bamboo Paper
Bamboo Paper
Developer: Wacom Europe GmbH
Price: Free