Voxer Business support comes to Windows Phone 8

Hammad Saleem

Voxer Business

Voxer is a very popular push-to-talk (PTT) and multimedia messaging service, with a dedicated app available in the Windows Phone Store. Today, the company has announced it has extended support for its enterprise-grade platform, Voxer Business, for the Windows Phone 8 operating system which gives employees the ability to communicate in the company’s private network using the app.

Windows Phone 8 is slowly gaining momentum in several regions, and with many popular developers jumping in by releasing their dedicated apps for the platform, it prompted the PTT company enter the arena as well. Users can communicate with other employees in the company’s private network using the Voxer app which is already available in the Windows Phone Store. All the person has to do is sign in to the app with his/her Voxer Business credentials, and start using the app.

“To accommodate the growing mobile workforce and the expansion of the Windows Phone device market, we wanted to be sure we continued to ensure support of the full umbrella of leading mobile OS providers. By introducing support for Windows Phone 8 we are fulfilling our core mission to create a reliable, efficient communication platform for businesses around the globe,” said Irv Remedios, head of product at Voxer. 

As far as the available features are concerned, the app lets customers make use of the live and messaged audio, text, photos and location sharing along with individual and group chats, but also comes with several new features on board. “New features additions on the business side now provide Windows users full access to predefined teams (group distribution lists) that have been organized through the Voxer Business Manager for easy one touch communication with a specific department or the entire company,” according to the press release.

To get started, the company must set up an account on Voxer Business, and provide its employees with access to the private corporate network. The administrator can send employees an email which can help them create an account on the server, asking them to download the Windows Phone app (if they are using it) and get started with it. Folks can also use the web version of the service to get in touch, but it’s good to see that the company has offered business users some decent features as well.

For pricing, Voxer Business costs $9.95 per month and also offers users a free 30-day trial to see if the service can cater to their needs. Check Voxer Business here to get more information about pricing and the complete set of features it offers.