Vodafone rumored to begin Windows 10 Mobile rollout

Kareem Anderson

Windows 10 Mobile update

January 19th has been the rumored date that older Windows Phones will begin receiving the long-awaited Windows 10 Mobile operating system update. Without firm confirmation from Microsoft or the Windows team, users have had to rely on conjecture and anecdotal stories of impromptu update messages from various carriers around the world to establish an updated timeline.

With a little under 24-hours to the rumored release of Windows 10 Mobile, users on Vodafone UK are receiving prompts for a Windows 10 upgrade. Specifically, a user of a Lumia 635 has received a prompt alerting him to upgrade his device to Windows 10. While the message could be a potential bug or anomaly, when asked about the rollout, Vodafone support has confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile has begun its release to older Windows Phone.

We don’t have a list of devices or specific dates from the telecom, but Windows Phone users on Vodafone UK should keep an eye for the update in the coming days. At the very least, Microsoft has promised a release of Windows 10 Mobile early 2016, and the end of the first month of the year is only two weeks away.

Let us know if you’ve begun receiving notifications for a Windows 10 Mobile upgrade on your device.


Thanks Corey, for the tip!