VLC for Windows RT is now available for download

Sean Cameron


Microsoft’s ill-fated Windows RT project has seen setbacks from the get-go. From poor critical reception, to low sales. Neither the Surface RT or the Surface 2, among others, managed to gain much traction, despite a massive advertising blitz on Redmond’s part. The most recent news in this vein came earlier in the year, with the revelation that no device running Windows RT will receive Windows 10, aside from ‘some’ functionality.

As such, the presence of any good news is amplified considerably. Therefore the news that VLC for Windows RT is now live on the Windows Store should come as something of a relief. Proud owners of Windows RT tablets can now enjoy the unadulterated loveliness of almost universal video and audio codec support. Announced by Thomas Nigro, who also developed the VLC for Windows Phone app, on Twitter earlier in the day, users can head to the Windows Store using the link below to download the app.

Will you be using VLC on your Windows RT device? Let us know in the comments below.