VLC for Windows Phone may be released as early as next week

Joseph Finney

VLC for Windows Phone may be released as early as next week

VLC player is a popular video player for many across devices and platforms. The app specializes in being a simple and powerful tool. VLC is already on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Store (for x86 and x64) and soon Windows Phone. This app will be very welcome on Windows Phone as a powerful and simple video and audio playback tool.

The app has been in progress for a long time but now the lead developer says it may be released next week (Nov 16th-22nd). This is big news for Windows Phone fans who have seen many apps get delayed into cancelation. While Windows Phone may not have every app, they do have many of the big names, and that trend continues with VLC.

Releasing VLC for Windows Phone is a big step toward releasing VLC on Windows for ARM devices. Developers working on the project had to rebuild most of the core of VLC to work with the new Windows app model. However, releasing the app on Windows Phone should signify that getting VLC working within Microsoft’s constraints on ARM is possible and working.

Hopefully this small trickle of essential apps will trigger an avalanche of user adoption and developer support. Probably not, but Windows Phone users (like myself) can dream!